Conditions for Booking

  • Reservation in Family Hotel “Blyan”, Chiflika Village can be made in one of the following ways:

– by calling number: +359 888 906 314, or

– number: +359 878 780 799, or

– by e-mail:    ,or

– at the location, in the hotel, or

– by the website of the hotel:

  • The reservation must contain the following information: name and family name of the visitor, nationality of the visitor, accurately pointed dates of arriving and leaving the hotel, phone number and e-mail for contact, type of room, number of rooms and number of visitors.
  • Reservation confirmation will be received on the e-mail given by You. In the e-mail will be described type and number of rooms reserved, dates of arriving and leaving the hotel, number of adults and children stated in the application for reservation, as well the sum due to be paid. Please, after receiving our confirmation, carefully check Your reservation information and then contact us in case of any correction is necessary.
  • As a deposit of guarantee for reservation, the Hotel requires an advanced payment of 30 %(thirty percent)of total reservation amount.
  • After receiving the amount for deposit of guarantee, we will accept Your reservation as valid and completely CONFIRMED.
  • If payment is not made within 2 (two) days, the Hotel reserves his right to cancel the reservation made. •             When a client makes a reservation in Family Hotel “Blyan”, it is considered that he had read these present GENERAL CONDITIONS and has agreed with them.
  • Reservations by phone, e-mail or through our website are considered as emerging of a contractual relationship.
  • A payment made is regarded as full acceptance of these GENERAL CONDIONS for staying in the hotel.

Conditions for Reservation cancellation

  • If You want to cancel a reservation already made, you can do it in one of the following ways:

– calling on phone number: +359 888 906 314, or

– phone number: +359 878 780 799, or

– by e-mail:

  • Within 24 hours (twenty-four) after reservation was made, if the client wants to cancel his reservation, he will not owe a forfeit and the deposit of guarantee will be refunded to him.
  • If reservation is cancelled after 24 (twenty-four) hours and up to 14(fourteen)days before date of arriving, the client owes a forfeit equal to 50% (fifty percent)of the amount paid as deposit of guarantee.
  • If cancellation is made in a period shorter than 14 (fourteen) days before date of arrival or in case of not arriving at the date stated, in these cases the client owes forfeit equal to the amount, paid as deposit of guarantee and the reservation is considered as cancelled.
  • Hotel reserves his rights to cancel any reservation, that is already confirmed and paid, in cases of force majeure circumstances and such others, not depending on the host. In these cases, the host should:

– Offer the guests accommodation for another period, by the same conditions and prices.

–Pay back to the client the amount paid as deposit of guarantee, by bank account, in a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of receiving a written request by the client for this, as the host does not owe any forfeit to the client.

Change of Reservation

  • If the client wants to change his reservation, after he already received a confirmation, we will do our best possible to satisfy his wishes.

If there is a necessity of refunding an amount, paid by card

  • The amount will be refund only by the card used for paying of reservation.

Conditions for accommodating

  • Hours for accommodating and leaving the rooms:

– Accommodating: after 14:00 h.

– Leaving the rooms: Up to 12:00 h.

– If guest leaves the room after the hour specified, he should pay additional amount, as follows:

– If guest leaves the room up to 18.00 h. he would owe an amount, determined at host’s discretion;

– If guest leaves the room after 18.00 h. he should pay an amount, equal to 100 % (a hundred percent) per night.

  • One child (0 up to 7 years old) accommodated with 2 (two) adults in two-bedded room+1 bed or in one-double-bedded apartment – FREE (bed and breakfast included);
  • One child (7 up to 12 years old) accommodated with 2 (two) adults in two-bedded room+1 bed or in one-double-bedded apartment – 15 levs per night additional(bed and breakfast included);
  • One child (12 up to 17 years old) accommodated with 2 (two) adults in two-bedded room+1 bed or in one-double-bedded apartment – 20 levs additional per night (bed and breakfast included);
  • Third adult accommodated in two-bedded room+1 or in one-double-bedded apartment – 25 levs per night additional (bed and breakfast included);
  • The prices for Double room/Double room+1/One-double-bedded apartment/Two-double-bedded apartment are for a room. Minimal occupancy is for 2 (two)adults;
  • It is forbidden to bring alcohol and food in the restaurant.
  • Opening hours of the restaurant: 08:00 – 23:00, for a limited event until 01:00.
  • Overtime fee – BGN 40 / hour.
  • Opening hours of the pool: 07:30 – 23:00.

* For calculating the age of the guest, we will take into consideration his actual years by determining the price per night.

  • NO PETS are allowed in the hotel.
  • Guests will be accommodated ONLY after presenting a personal document, certifying the identity of guests.
  • Your personal data is protected by Personal Data Protection Act and Enactments, that regulate the protection of information and are used exclusively and only, in connection with the implementation of the Law for Tourism. This information will exclusively and only be used for the purposes of reservations made and will not be provided for other purposes.

Prices of accommodation

  • Prices of accommodation in Family Hotel “Blyan” are presented on our official website:

Ways of payment

  • A Reservation could be paid by card (Maestro, Visa or Mastercard), by virtual POS Terminal (the amount will be in BGN)

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

  • Family Hotel “Blyan” is obliged to provide his guests in full the services they have requested and paid.
  • Amounts for requested services, but not used in full or partially by fault of the guests themselves, are not to be refunded.
  • Family Hotel “Blyan” is not responsible for damages, caused by actions of third parties.
  • All claims, in connection with quality of services paid, should be stated, on site at the hotel, in order weaknesses to be eliminated. States must be done in written. In case of requirements are not fulfilled, the client must request a written report by the person in charge. In 3 (three) days after the report is written, the client should receive by the Manager an official statement on the problem.
  • All prices, listed on the website of the hotel, as well those described in the e-mails from the hotel are in BGN or EUR and are according to the exchange rate to the moment and include Value Added Tax (VAT)and tourist taxes.
  • Additional services are not automatically calculated within the total price per night. They should be paid separately, by leaving the hotel.
  • Hotel is not responsible for personal things, stolen from the rooms or from the common parts of the hotel.
  • In the rooms of Family Hotel “Blyan” smoking is not allowed, according to the Acts of National Legislation. Therefore, in case of non-compliance with them, the hotel, without a prior notification, reserves his right to impose a 100.00 BGN fine.
  • Guests of the hotel should follow all generally accepted standards of good behavior, during their stay at the hotel. All costs for material damages cause to the hotel are paid by the people caused them.
  • Family Hotel “Blyan” is not responsible for people under the age of 18 years, left unattended. Every adult guest is obliged to keep his child/children under attention at the territory of the hotel.
  • All disputes and legal issues, not arranged by the present General Conditions and occurred in connection with using the website of the hotel, are under the provisions of Legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.

Politics for Using Cookies

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  • User is considered notified with respect to a non-individualized tracking of his behavior on the website and the internet network, when visiting, booking, signing up or switching from other sites, etc.

Rights of Intellectual Property

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  • Loading, copying and printing of any pages and/or sections, photos or any other documents is only allowed if the notes and signs of reserved copyright or such others,connected to the property, are not removed.
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